<![CDATA[ADVENTUROUS ALEXIS - Review]]>Tue, 22 Mar 2016 10:43:37 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[The Theft Proof Travel Solution]]>Fri, 18 Mar 2016 20:04:39 GMThttp://www.adventurousalexis.com/review/the-theft-proof-travel-solutionSo I thought today we would have a frank chat about boobs because that's what I do now. Yep. I know you're wondering, why would I want to talk about that Alexis? Ok I get that but I'm trying to help you not get robbed while travelling so you can forgive me!

If you're like me, you pretty constantly lose your debit cards while you're on the road or at home. Seriously, I'm in my bedroom and I want to get a coffee but have no clue where my debit card is right now. Or maybe you're a little more responsible than I am. Who knows really? Either way, no judgement only solutions!

Introducing The Travel Bra

I was sent the original Travel Bra and thought I would let you know all about it. From the outside it looks like your average sports bra but it's hardly that at all. With pockets big enough to fit your passport so you will never have to worry about it getting stolen even at the shadiest of hostels and small enough to fit lipstick it's the perfect purse without having to lug it around and look like the perfect target for theft.

I'm a big proponent of it after using it during a day trip to Ottawa, Canada where I was wearing a dress without pockets which was formerly proof of the devil's existence but is now really not a problem thanks to The Travel Bra. I also couldn't bring a bag inside Parliament due to security. I was able to hold all my necessities on my person which made my life very simple and for someone who, in grade school, had her own separate lost-and-found it's perfect.

The only set back I had with this product was that I'm a bustier person and I felt that I didn't have enough support that I would want with a bra so I could never run with this sort of bra like a sports bra but for those of you with smaller chests this really does make the perfect product for all-round use. Otherwise, I think I'll wear it on airplanes to keep comfortable and keep my items safe without having to get another carry-on. 

There you have it, a theft proof travel solution for those with boobs. For those that don't have them, they do also sell underwear too. Pretty sweet, huh?

The Travel Bra sent me their product for review, which I have done so honestly and have given me an affiliate link. If you would like to purchase The Travel Bra, you are able to find it